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Teaching concept



Our teching concept is mainly focusing on students of industrial engineers, information & technology as well es business mathematics and technische VWL. The students can be in their undergrad studies or their graduated level. Gaining practical experience in collaboration with HCL network is a central aspect of this market-oriented education of services professionals. Our goal is the connection between mathematical methods and practical challenges within the health care sector. To benefit form the association of the diffrent chairs at the HCL, you can combine the research perspectives in your thesis. 

Further information regarding our courses can be found under "Courses" in the navigation bar or here. If you are interested in writing your Thesis at the HCL please have a look at our list of available topics. Thank you for your interest, we look very much forward to working with you in courses, seminars, projects, etc.

For any questions please contact the tutor of the respective course.